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Loading Freeze during Quick Battle

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I've had CM Shock Force installed for quite some time now, I recently applied the 1.08 patch and started playing again.

Now I've come across a problem, I can reproduce this but I can't really figure out what may cause it.

I am trying to play a 2 player hotseat game with a friend. We select everything as random and launch it. It starts to load just fine. But it locks up at 67% or 69%.

A few days ago it just froze, forcing me to close it using the taskmanager, I waited 30 minutes before doing that... Now I get a microsoft error telling me that CM Shock Force.exe has crashed and wants me to send them an error report.

However, sometimes it loads a really small map and it loads, but then I'm unlucky enough to get massive armies so it's unplayable from that point of view.

I did not notice this problem when I played "last time" which was a few patches ago, I think it was around 1.05.

I am sitting on these specs.

AMD 64 4000

2 Gigs of RAM

Nvidia EN8800GT (Driver 6.14.0011.6921 (2007-12-05))

80 Gbyte S-ata drive (with 20Gbyte free)

Is reinstalling the game my best bet? Or is there any other kind of sollution?

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I get this freeze also. For the most part at Loading 62%. A crtl-alt-del to shut it down.

Sometimes it stalls at 67%, but will load, sometimes after a wait of 10-15 minutes.

It seems to happen after 2 or 3 quick battles and on any map, be it stock, or aftermarket.

Also, this with 1.08 patch.

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