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Game Crashes when i click

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Sorry for my poor English, it's only my 4th language!

I bought CMSF today, i played CMBO for many years, but in SF when i click i crash. Also i ahve strange artifacts on shadows, and the Shrubbery appears like a black sillohette.

I have updated all drivers, and had a mess with settings, but cannot seem to solve this.

Also my game is most laggy, this is brand new PC i have built, and it run very slow, like 10fps in places. If i dont click anything game runs okay.

Again, very sorry for poor English.

Please help!

My PC is:-

Core 2 Due E6700 @2.66Ghz

4Gb DDR2 5300 Ram @ 667Hmz

WD Raptor HDD x2

ATI X1950

Windows Vista Ultimate.

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Ooh, i tried my friends 8800GTS and i can now play smile.gif but it runs very slow :(

I now see that this game is made only for nvidia cards and ati not support :( Sorry for wasting your time when ATI not supported!!

Sorry, i misread. Will Game every support the ATI, or is it only a Nvidia game?


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