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The game looks and sounds great. However, the manual says I can select a unit by left or right clicking on it.

However, this doesn't seem to work for me.

I have tried left clicking and right clicking on the unit its self, as well as the icon above it. I have tried double left and double right clicking on the unit as well - no joy.

I have even tried using my third mouse button (pressing the mousewheel as opposed to scrolling it front or back) and none of these allow me to select a unit.

The only way I have found to select a unit, is to press shift and draw a box around it by pressing my left mouse button - and holding it. When I'm done giving it orders, I then have to double left click on an empty space on the map so I can then select another unit.

Otherwise - I'm locked onto that one unit, and all I do is continue to issue orders to the same unit. Drawing a box around a different unit does not chose the new unit as the one I am giving orders to. I have to click on an empty space - "zero" what I have selected, before I can select another unit.

There also does not appear to be any way to select a group of units. I can draw a box around my entire force, but only one icon illuminates and only that unit appears to respond to my orders.

Is this just some bizzare bug on my system alone, or a misunderstanding on my part of how the controls are supposed to work or what?

I'd like to get into the game, but selecting units takes forever this way and I can't believe this is "THE" way to do it, or the only way to do it - especially as the manual says you should be able to select units just by left clicking on them.

LOL!! Please help! smile.gif

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