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Camo / cover question

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Quick question. Does adding camo do anything in game or is it just for looks and feel? In other words, do things like sandbags, little trenches, netting over gun emplacements, etc. actually make it so that other units have to have a higher scout skill to see you? (or anything like that?) Or is it purely for looks?

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hi, you don't should ask over camo, but if you'r asking question, is over texture so this change all.

Difference between camo and texture is:

A camo is based by multiple color, and a texture it was is created, texture can use 1 color so as by allied force we have use olive drab color (1 color), so camo texture can use 2,3,4....... color.

An 3d object for game, should use a texture, because by adding a texture on object, modder can better add real aspect of unit or object.

So modder don't need to modeling complete form of object, but can modeling object into approximate form.

So modder don't need to add all detail into 3d, but modder draw detail on texture file.

So from a square form modder can draw a circle form so as wheels.

So modder with texture can hide a great amount detail from raw object.

And netting and sandbag and other details, this was used into ww2.But this don't can be are compare with real because, into game, gamer see emplacement of ennemy force, so this camo don't serve any other as details of real object look.

And by real life, so camo,when a unit has camouflage, unit have can wait to smaller shooting range, to shoot ennemy. So better armor piercing chance, or destroy chance.

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