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Future addon easy to add. the SCW


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Create two new countries with the apropiatte flags, and you will have the SCW, we have almost all the needed weaponry, the republic mainly used T-26 and BT-7 ( we will only need Ba-6 ), while the Fascists used Pz.1 and 2, ( we will need the Italian small tanquettes Cv-35 )

What do you think, will be possible to see in the future??

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Would be nice, but I'd guess it'd need to be from modders rather than an official one.

Over on the simhq forums Sneaksie has revealed that a modding guide for 3D models has been written and is about to be announced.


If this covers everything then all sorts of things become possible - such as your SCW suggestion. One difficulty would be adding in the nations as certain parts of the interface occupy parts of a shared bitmap, so you can't simply just add new flags for example. Other things (I forget now which) seem to be hard-coded. Swapping out a country, for example making the Polish seem like they're Finnish, is possible but being able to add completely new ones would be better. I wouldn't be surprised if someone got all the work done (voices, textures, 3D models) if 1C would do the necessary finishing off to get it into the game - and with some theatres it wouldn't be that much extra work as you say.

Have fun


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That really sounds great!! The developers shall see that a moddable game have a lot longer life than a not moddable one. See European Air War, nine years after his release is still growing, seems that TOW have the same potential. With the right tools and dedication we can have the war this way ;)

-Spanish Civil War

-Fictional fight against Czehkoslovakia

-Nomonhan Incident

-The war in the desert

-Sicily and Italy

-The Pacific War

and why not the Patton's dream invading the USSR??

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My suggestion to future addons’ is to take a look at the old Steel Panthers game (SP1) on which nation should be added and vehicles.

I think that there has not been a game which has been as complete as the SP game, stretching from the German invasion of Poland to the battles of Berlin. It also has 2 hypothetic after war campaigns. One campaign US vs Russia, and one Germany vs Japan.

The game is free since it is abandon ware.




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