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Copy Protection


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I am not a huge fan of copy protection, I think it's a huge hassle for the paying customer and pirates will have a crack in no time, so all it accomplishes are, providing funding for the companies that make copy protection software and annoying the people who actually shell out money for the software.

Why the rant? Well I purchased Drop team, payed good money for it and the software protection will not allow me to play the game. Everytime I attempt to verify my copy it claims it has no record of my varification number.

I love Battlefront, But is it wrong to suppose when one pays for a game, that that game should actually allow the person to play it?

Very frustrated

Please help.

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Because Battlefront do games, not charity.

The serial is used to uniquely identify your computer on the servers. That is a very effective copy protection - You can probably play a cracked game, but not online.

Either you have entered the serial wrong (double and triple check) or something is wrong. Mail Claytoniusrex and he'll help you.


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Please email us directly at elicense@battlefront.com and include your order number (if you still have it) and the license code your trying to enter. I would also strongly suggest you read through the eLicense FAQ guide as it explains all the common, and not so common issues with fixes for all of them.


Be sure that your typing in the 36 digit code EXACTLY as you see written down, including the dashes and remember that the 0's and 1's you see are ZERO'S and ONES (not oh's and eyes).


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