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Very Minor Complaints

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A few very trivial issues (I'm running on Mac OSX):

1) Please keep the .dat files out of the top-level in my home directory - in my word they should live in $HOME/Library/Application Support, or at least gie me he option to specify where I want them to live

2) The DropTeam.app icon (after the update) shows version 0.1

3) the DropTeam application menu is titled SpaceVikings, should be DropTeam

4) who are SpaceVikings anyway?

all very trivial and nit-picking I'm sure you'll agree smile.gif

I do have a final point, the actual specific mission objectives seem pretty hard to fathom out - in the HopeWell Archipelago mission I killed all the enemy units within time, but still failed, it isn't obvious to me what else I need to do - and how can I review the mission once it has started?

Despite the above, I'm having huge fun with this game - thanks!

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