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Quick battles and balance


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There is a lot of discussion going on about the performance of Syrian troops. Now, what comes to the scenarios, it seems to me that there will be a lot of battles where the balancing is done through victory conditions. Now, this might be quite realistic.

But I like playing quick battles. In quick battles you can have balanced forces. You don't have to think if this kind of battle would happen or not. Basically, every single unit in the game is supposed to be balanced through some sort of point system. Now, if M1 turns out to be nearly impossible to kill, it will cost you a lot. Think about King Tiger and Sherman. The armor most used in CMAK seems to be Priest. It is not because it is just so powerfull and impossible to kill, but because of its price.

Now, in CMSF we will have really great quick battles. I will really look forward to commanding a lot of T-72s against a few M1s. If you want something _really_ balanced, just play Blue vs Blue. And defending with two platoons of US infantry against a company of T-72s will be fun. What is going to be best of all is playing with the forces added in the modules against each other. Think about Germans vs French :D

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