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Automatic Close out

Dave M

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I have been asked by Matt to post my problem here, so I will give it a go.

Problem.. After I launch CMBB I get the title screen and some music. I click the mouse or keyboard and it goes black as though its loading. The pointer on the screen goes from 800x600 to a larger size while loading, you can actually see it increase in size. Then a white letter message comes up saying it requires a minimum of 800x600 resolution to play. If I hit any key or the mouse it closes and brings me back to the desktop.

System: Pent III 500 MHz, 32 meg Annihilator 2 video card (Geforce 2) 256 meg of memory, 40 gig hard drive, soundcard is Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live xGamer. I can run CMBO and the demo fine.

I have upgraded all my drivers for the video card, NVidea Chip set and Directx 8.1, still no luck. I have no idea what to do here. The installation seemed to work fine. I ran the install program and it never even asked me a question just completely installed and then closed out and put me into the desktop. I guess one question I have is during installation are you supposed to be asked questions and after it is finished shouldn't it launch the game or the help file or some document rather than just finish?

Any help would be appreciated, I don't want to have to send this back.



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I sent this reply already in email but here goes again:

Dave, did you happen to install the full game over the top of the Demo by

chance? if so, go ahead and delete the whole directory and try and

re-install. It is possible that the full game is trying to access the demos

configuration file and hence failing.

If that doesnt work, or if you didnt install to the same location or never had the demo then the

other thing to try which usually works in these situations is to first

re-install DirectX, which you can download directly from MS at this



And then re-install your video drivers. Since you have a GF-2 I would

strongly suggest the 30.82 or 30.87 version drivers which you can download

directly from NVidia at www.nvidia.com

I would tend to shy away from the drivers offered by Creative.

Try that and let us know if the problem persists.

By the way, what resolution do you have the desktop set to? If it is set to

800x600 go ahead and bump it up to 1024x768 for a moment before launching

the game the first time. See if that makes a difference.

If you ever want to delete the CM preference file on order to have CM scan

your system again to set its resolution locate and delete the Combat Mission

BB Prefs file which will be in your CMBB directory. You should always delete

that file before you launch the game when you trying out different desktop

settings or have just installed new drivers..


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