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PreWar Game Phase with Event Cards


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Game: Current

Synopis: Three Annual Prewar Turns players allow to play their choice of three event cards from a choice of 10 each that change the historical starting setting of the game.


Sample Axis Cards:

1. Donitz Appointed Naval Chief (+2 subs) (Removes Axis Card 2 from Play)

2. XXXX Appointed Air Chief (+1 Bomber) (Removes Axis Card 1 from Play)

3. Ally with Turkey instead of Italy (Turkey becomes Major Power, Italy Minor Power)

4. Windel Wilkie Wins US Election (Reduction in USA war Readiness)

5. Sabotage Allied Card (Remove Allied card from play)

6. Supply Spanish Fascists

7. Start War Early

Sample Allied Cards

1. Soviet Officer Corps Not Purged (Soviets Gain HQ unit)

2. Sabotage Axis Card

3. Extend Maginot Line to the Sea (France gains fortified tiles)

4. Supply Spanish Republicans (if Not countered Spain Leans Allied towards Russia)


Cons: Too much variability for purists

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