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Manpower Limits - Max Number of Units Per Country


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Game Engine: Current

Summary: Option to limit each country to a country specific number of units; i.e. 30 units for the USA, 15 Units for the UK, 50 Units for the USSR. tech Mobilization tech would increase this limit by 2 per tech level.

Details: The scenario designer could limit each Major Power country to a specific number of units. Players would be free to build any units they wish subjust to per unit production restrictions and the total number of units cap.

Example: If USA is limited to 30 units, the American player could build;

Option 1: 10 Corps, 10 Armies, 4 Cruisers and 6 Air OR

Option 2: 15 Corps, 10 Armies and 5 Air OR

Option 3: 10 Corps, 5 Armor, 10 Armies and 5 Air

The new Mobilization Tech would allow players to increase the number of units that a Major Power could mobilize by 2; subject to production limits.

Example: Mobilization Level 2 = Increases Total Units Limit by 4

Cons: Non

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