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Suicide squad?


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I just played a TCP/IP game that hung while receiving the file the same turn a squad surrendered. My opponent (on whose computer the game was calculated) had no trouble seeing the movie and save the turn afterwards. We restarted and I killed the captured crew (using area fire) and the game could be continued normally. This could be unrelated to the killed squad and the game hung several times more but the thing that started it could have been the surrendering quad.

Now, by this and what I have read surrendering units are a major problem with TCP/IP games. My suggestion is to make a quick (if that is possible) optional fix or patch that either kills units before they surrender or if that is not possible just prevent them from surrendering altogether. This would at least answer the question whether surrendering units has anything to do with the problem.

I now that there are not supposed to be any patches to CMBO and definitely not before CMBB is finished but in my mind the suggested fix is quite easy to make (please don’t hit me Charles ;) ) and I could wait one or two days longer for CMBB if I could play CMBO in the mean time...

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