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Spec Op Units And Missions

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right now sum of u may be thining - what?

just like today, the militaries of the allies and axis had spec op units and missions of course, and they were the pioneers of spec ops

units like a miale - "pig", for the italians that would come in and if i remember right, either torpedo or attach explosives to enemy ships

the german seehund "seal" which would cum in and fire torps at an enemy ships, then, either ram a ship, or escape

the british X-craft, which succeeded in severely damaging the battleship tirpitz in the norweigan fjiords

the japanese midget subs, which would creep in, fire torps, and either ram or leave (obviously not included as this is the ETO)

i cant remember if the USN had anything, ill have to do sum research

but anyway wat does every1 think about these units and missions?


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