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Game crash during orders phase

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Anyone had this problem? BF aware of something like this? The game runs fine on my machine, no problems that I can detect. However, on my friends machine (AMD xp2000+, 512 ram, GF4 TI4600, SB Audigy) the game crashes after every few turns or so during the orders phase, usually right around the time he presses the GO button. He updated to newest GF drivers and it still happened. It happens in MP and SP. ?????

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Hi I've got the exact same problem. My game also crashes during the orders phase.

System specs:

AMD Athlon 1.2GH


NVidia Geforce2 MX 100/200 64MB Driver version 30.82 (Have not updated to the 40.*)

If anyone can help it would be perfect. I'm not experiencing this every time I play, only occasionally. I probably don't have to say that it's a pain in the bu.t if the PC crashes after 15 min of painstaking planning. :(

If this happens than only my screen locks up. I do hear the sounds and also my cursor moves. However I'm not able to get around this other than doing a hard reboot. :confused:

Is there anything know about this?


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