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Stolberg Operation --- SPOILER!!!**


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*** SPOILER***








I'm in the middle of playing the Stolberg operation, right now setting up for the second (night) battle.

I play as the Germans vs. the AI.

Because the AI is on the attack, I set it to +2 Experience Bonus.


Because the AI does not care this much about Command&Control I recommend setting the AI to +2 Experience Bonus whenever it has to attack. This accounts for the sometimes too careful mood of the AI.

Anyway, in the first battle I made a very conservative setup for my forces; all pillboxes on high ground with a good LOS, the 2 Panthers in full defilade on the rear side of the two hills in the center and on my left flank.

Stolberg was secured by one platoon of infantry and a HMG, together with 2 MG bunkers.

The first turn started and I saw 2 columns of enemy armor and mech infantry. After just 10 seconds two big bangs destroyed the eerie silence;

my 88 pilbox and a Sherman 105 fired at the same time, their rounds met in mid-flight and both, tank and pillbox, destroyed each other at the same split-second!

OMG I love this game!

I closed my mouth 20 seconds later, still shocked. The 88 pillbox was my strong center position, planned to stop all assets the US Army would throw against it.

So much for my "strong center position"...

The old saying is true; no plan survives the first contact with the enemy...

Fortunately, I had this Panther behind the hill, and in the second turn I gave a "Hunt" command that would place the Panther hull-down at the crest, near the unlucky 88 pillbox.

From now on, the story of the first battle of Stolberg, became the story of this Panther and his TC.

As soon as the Panther appeared on the hill, I counted at least 8 target lines and a half dozen .50 mounted on Halftracks opened up. Throw in 2 or 3 Shermans, and you know what hell would look like.

It was one vs. all. The TC closed the hatch and steadily destroyed one US tank after the other.

105er shells hit him, 75er shells ricocheted while the Panther scores hit after hit.

Meanwhile, the AI mounted an infantry assault on my left flank, trying to outflank Stolberg town. A whole company charged from the wooded hill.

A well planned and decent move by the AI.

At this moment all my MG bunkers and pillboxes, supported by a HMG opened up at 200 m.

The valiant US soldiers gave their best, but they had to stop in front of a wall of bullets.

Now night has fallen, and after being thrown back some 400 m (for whatever reason), I will use this night to get back to the isolated bunker line in front of me (with most bunkers still intact).

Whenever I get enthusiastic about a battle, chances are good that it is one created by Wild Bill Wilder. Stolberg is from WBW...

A great game engine needs great scenarios, and Wild Bill delivers...

So thanks again Wild Bill, your dedication really goes beyond the call of duty!

This applies to all the scenario designers out there...thank you all for the work and time you invest in making CM what it is; the best wargame around with the best support from a great community!

Well, now I have to retake a ridge...and order an Iron Cross 1st Class for a certain Panther commander...



"I got signals, I got readings, in front and behind of us!" - PFC Hudson on LV-426 mission

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Thank you Fred. That means a great deal to me.

And get the name of that Panther Commander...definite Iron Cross material.

You are right, when the battles become that intense, the whole neighborhood knows I'm playing CM. The shouts, moans, and pleading can be heard up and down the block.

"What's going on at 1743? Sounds like someone is getting killed!"

"Oh, you're new to the neighborhood, just old Wild Bill killing folks."

"My gosh, do we call the police?"

"Nah, his wife will slip his medication in his coffee and he'll quieten down in about half an hour. Just turn up the TV till he does."

And so it goes. Thanks, Fred!


Wild Bill

Lead Tester

Scenario Design Team

Combat Mission-Beyond Overlord


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