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***Mod Posted Winterized SPW 250/9***

David I

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SPW 250/9 White Washed

This is a 250/9 white washed for renumbered for CMAK. I got it on my Mod disk for CMBB so I do not know who the original artist is, but I thank you whoever you are.* I noticed that neither CMAK or CMBB on CMMODs lists it and I did see a request in the forum. So here you go.

David I

*If you are out there let me know so that I can credit you by name. If you don't like what I have done let me know and I will remove it from CMMODs.


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I agree with AndrewTF, that does appear to be Fernando's cmbo version. Which has been put in that WW Yellow HT and Truck cmmos pack of Gorden Molek's.

You do know that all those packs are installed in that "GEM Software Productions/CM Mod Option Selector/CMBB/Mods" folder in your Program Files folder if you installed cmmos.

The Whitewashed_German_Yellow_AGs_1_CMMOS_hr and

Whitewashed_German_Yellow_AGs_2_CMMOS_hr has the marders in it. You may have to check the numbers. Of course the _ww will need to be deleted off the end of the number.

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