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One minute turn (part II)

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Since the previous thread on this topic has descended into...let's just say it has descended and I have a thought on topic I started this thread.

After reading a couple of books on manuever and reading the "one minute turn" thread, I had an idea.

If you allow yourself a lot of time for analysis of each turn you are playing a german style. You are looking to exploit weaknesses in the opponent's defense and use those to your advantage. German lessons from WWI were applied to WWII so subordinate commanders were given a lot of flexibility to exploit enemy weak points in order to achieve mission objectives.

If you allow yourself very little time for analysis making the initial setup very important you are playing a russian style. The russians tended to pick a spot to focus their attack, spent a lot of time planning it, and then went through with it. They rarely deviated from the plan as their subordinate commanders were told to follow orders and complete their mission no matter how difficult or bloody it would be.

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