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german 214mm rockets

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correct me if i'm wrong but are these nerbelwurfers (spelling?). but that's not my real question. i was playing going the CMBO scenario "going to town", the conversion for cmak, and couldn't use my rockets for preplanned barrage. is it because the scenario was meeting engagement or is that something that is adjusted in parameters? that was pretty frustrating, as there was a perfect chance for prep barrage but i had to wait 7 DAMN MINUTES!

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Yes rockets in a meeting engagement is very difficult because they cost a lot of points and have such a long lead time. To boot, they are not accurate so when you launch them you need to be very careful to ensure 1) your LOS to the target is NEVER blocked by smoke or obstructions for the whole 7 minutes or the rockets will land off target 2) even if they land "on target" - this is only a relative concept for rockets since they disperse a lot and 214mm hits can REALLY cause a lot of damage to anything, even big tanks. So not only do you need to 1) put in a 7 minute lead 2) make sure your observer has clean LOS throughout you also need to make sure your forces are FAR away from the target or they may get nasty friendly fire.

Giving someone 214mm rockets in a meeting engagement is pretty much throwing a lot of points away, unless you are willing to take big chances (like shoot them near your advancing troops and hope for the best).

But they are GREAT with TRP's and pre-planned barrages when on the attack or defense, especially if you use the + concept to add minutes so the rockets land 2-3 minutes before your troops get to that exact spot and you can smash the dazed, damaged survivors.

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Carl, I think it was Redwolf who tested the LOS thing, and my recollection was that the spotter only needed LOS at the time of targetting and when the spotting round came down.

I thought you didn't need continuous LOS to get a tight pattern (makes sense - once you've given coords, there isn't much the FO can do until the rounds start arriving).

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