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How to Hull down?

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The manual aint very clear on this; do i put the waypoint aprox. where I want the vehicle to stop ( i.e. hull down ) or do I put it where the enemy is? I have tested the above variants with the following results:

Option 1: with a 75% rate the vehicle stops short of the hull down position and sees nothin.

Option 2: with a 25% rate the vehicles speeds by the hull down position and gets fried.

You know this. Tell me ( and btw, why do my 12 IS-2 loose big time against 3 tigers...constantly )

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Mind you I still use the Hunt command (call me old school) as Im normally advancing to engage a known target. If you use the SeekHull-down command I cant help but think what if he moves more than I expect, eg down a hill, then it would be past that point where you will be hull down to and not actually be visible.

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