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Newbie question about the Ham and Jam scenario of CMBO

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Ok, I'm a newb. I played cmbo for a while, and then got distracted with other games, and am now getting back into it.

I started playing the Ham and Jam scenario, the Pegasus Bridge one. SPOILER*********

I'm playing as the Brits, and and having some trouble figuring out what to do with pillboxes. For instance, the pillbox at the edge of the 2nd bridge.

I've got some engineers, but do I need to do anything special with them to take out the pillbox? Do I just need to get them in range, and then let them fire? Or do I need to get them up in point blank range, so they can plant their charges or something. I used some smoke to cover their advance, and they got to point blank range pretty much unscathed, and then they got shot to crap. Do they need to be sent around to the back of the pillbox so as to avoid the barbed wire?

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Yep. Send those engineers around to the back of the pillbox. They'll assault it with demo charges and it'll die. It might take a little while but as long as the red target line is aimed at the pillbox they will assault it.

Ham & Jam is one of my favorite ol' scenarios by the way. Those pillboxes sure cut me up the first time I tried it.

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