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Is this thing really playable?

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I don't mean to sound ungrateful, but...

I have been playing a regular CMBB op "Kruglovka Railway" for about a year now I think. 6 battles at 25+ per battle, PBEM. It's my favorite CMBB experience BTW, and congrats to Moon, I think, for designing it. But it takes forever, and it's just one operation.

So, that makes me wonder about CMC.

Let's say I have a regimental campaign. After a while, I might have companies or even battalions in contact constantly. Hour after hour. Let's say the campaign lasts a week. How many battles is that, which might have to get resolved one by one in PBEM format? How long is that going to take?

I mean, if we all lived for 1000 years, this would be the greatest thing. But, I'm not sure we really have the time to play out company engagements on an individual basis over an extende period of time, head to head.

Now that we actually seem to have the thing, I just wonder if it is actually a good idea or not....

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