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Unpredictable Elements through chit-system

Guest xwormwood

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Guest xwormwood

Engine: Current

Synopsis: Implent a chit system instead of scripted events

Design Summary: instead of always the same scipted events create a pool for special events and fill it with specific events from which players may draw it they were willing to pay for it

Fill all current scripted events into the pool, add several others events like

- an experience star for a unit on the map (adopted new tactics)

- one double attack for a none double attack unit (Peiper assigned to unit x)

- a moral boost (Churchills famous "we will fight them..." speech)

- some cash (Exile-Norwegians donate to your cause yadda-yadda-yadda)

- reduce buld time for a unit which is already in production (Speer looked into the production and found out that blablabla)

- revive a unit with strength 1 (survivers made their way back to their own lines)

- add diplo % (Canaris warned Franco about entering the war, Spain leans 5 % toward the allies)

- minor war entry (ireland)

- fuehrers / presidental order (stay there, move this)

- all as above but in the opposite direction (player receives a malus instead of bonus)

- many more (Graaf Spee made it back home, Rommel captured, Prince of Wales to Asia, Blue Legion ...

Always spice the event with some historical info / background / explanation for the specific chit. if possible with a picture, a historic quote and a picture, mabye even a sound file.

Insert many more chits than in one, two or three games could ever possibly pay for..

Don't forget to insert several blank chits (bad luck, dude!).

Fill the pool dynamic according to the actions a player takes, countries he conquered / defended, diplo % he achieved, techs he researched, year he entered..

Example: Axis invades Norway: fill the "Norway" chits in the pool. UK buys a new carrier: insert the"a new UK Carrier" chits etc. .

Allow players to pay for every chit of their opponent which the opponent didn't pay for in his round / turn / month. Remove the chit which got drawn in this case permanently out of the game.

Enable or disable this function before the start of a game.

Offer upgrades with new minor event chits (fee required).

Problem 1: Luck factor is now increased

Problem 2: Pool and drawing process needs completly new programming

Problem 3: AI would need special help for this because it would probably never be able to use these more or less random drawn chits the way a human player could.

Problem 4: AI would need a complete new programming to understand the importance to draw chits.

Problem 5: Balancing (minor events / major events)

Problem 6: Balancing (gameplay is balanced right now, but it needs several new thoughts regarding the gameplay with chits

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