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Problems with mods -advice needed-

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Well met!

I d/l cmmos and got Gordon Molek's dunkelgrau AT, HT, and Tanks. I got the ruleset as well.

Problem: whatever I set the scenario to, I won't get dunkelgrau vehicles. I tried different times, places and weather conditions. I even crosschecked the bmps to see if they were correctly installed. And yes I applied them through cmmos. I would be grateful for any ideas!

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Originally posted by Florian Gross:

Oh come on guys! I know the answer is out there.

Too trivial for you guys? Please don't let me loose faith in this great forum. Please!

You're right, it probably is out there. Did you try searching for it? You'll find a lot of info on CMMOS has already been discussed. I'm not a CMMOS user, so I can't offer direct help. Godd luck!
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