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Kremlin Walls battle posted to Scenario Depot

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In reality, the sudden onset of a particularly harsh winter froze the advancing Heer in its tracks. They got no further than Khimki five Kilmomtres from Moscow. Then fresh Siberian divisions hurled the Germans back. They never got that far again.

But what if the Luftwaffe had smashed the trains carrying the Siberians West? What if it was the Germans who had thrown in fresh, properly winterized divisions?

That is the premise behind the Kremlin Walls battle now downloadable from the CMBB section of the Scenario Depot.

The map is large, as it includes virtually all the monuments within the Kremlin walls: assorted cathedrals, the Supreme Soviet, the Kremlin Theatre, the Arsenal, etc. Map based on the book: Moscow, An Architectural History, which has an excellent map of the Kremlin complex.

As the German Commander, you must utilize advance recon forces to rush the Kremlin walls from the Red Square. Your goal? Kill or capture Stalin.

Stalin remains in the Kremlin, calmly puffing on his pipe. He has every confidence in the Guards units preparing to defend him, or rather, in the NKVD preparing to shoot anyone who tries to flee out the Borovitsky Gate. If they can only hold out till reinforcements arrive.

Unfortunately for me my computer isn't powerful enough to allow me to play this game. All I could do was create it. The actual battle may or may not be worthwhile, though I tried to establish a sensible balance. But the map is good. It can be downloaded separately from the CMBB map section.

I think the prospect of fighting within the walls of the Kremlin is cool. That's why I couldn't resist putting this scenario together. Have fun! I'd be interested in learning how it turns out. Cheers!

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