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CMMOS Rule Sets

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Quote from the CM Mod Option Selector - User's Manual:

Installing rule-sets

CMBB rule-sets are installed through CMMOS’ Configuration window. This allows greater flexibility and easier maintenance of the rule-sets. To install a “new-style” CMBB rule-set, click the Configure button on the main window. Select the Rules Tab. You’ll see a window that looks something like the following (your window may look slightly different due to differences in what mods, rule-sets and rules have been installed).

(--> You'll see this window in your CM Mod Option Selector - User's Manual)

On the left you see a tree view (much like the standard Windows Explorer file tree) of the rule-sets and rules that are installed. The rule-set “Der Schweinestall - dunkelgrau” is currently selected. To the right you see a brief description of the rule-set (if provided by the rule-set’s author). If a rule is selected, the description information for the rule is displayed here as well. Below (and indented from) the rule-set’s name in the tree view you see the names of all the rules that have been installed for that rule-set. Below the tree view you see the version information for the currently selected rule-set or rule. To add a rule-set, click the Add button, and use the file open box to locate the rule-set’s or rule’s ZIP file (The rule-set ZIP files that you install can be in any location on your computer or network, and should not be extracted before they are installed.) Select the file; press Open and the rule-set will be installed. To remove a rule-set, select it in the tree view panel and then click Remove. To exit this window, simply click on the little ‘x’ in the upper right corner. When you install a rule-set, it will be copied to a folder in the CMMOS folder structure, and when you remove it, it will be deleted from the CMMOS folder structure. Once you have installed a rule-set, you can store the ZIP file that contained it anywhere you like or even delete it. (Note however that if you install a rule-set and then delete the ZIP file in which it was packaged you will not be able to re-install the rule-set if you un-install it later.
Greetings, Sven
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