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Scenario balance resource?

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Hey all,

I was wondering if there is any kind of resource for CMBB/CMBO which rates the various scenarios in terms of balance, similar to the R.O.A.R. Project in ASL. R.O.A.R. allows players to enter results and rate scenarios and keeps track of it all in a database. Failing that, is there someplace where scenario balance is discussed and tracked in general? Thanks for the help, and sorry if this has been asked before.


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Interesting questions,im not sure i fully understand what you mean since i have no knowledge of the ASL stuff.

If you go( CLICK HERE ),you'll see lots of scenarios,and a good many of them have been reviewed.They have a rating system that will allow them to indicate if the force balance is a little off or not.Not sure if this is what you mean though.

There is a forum here at BFC that is dedicated to scenario talk.If my response wast any help,go and post this there,id bet someone there might be more able to help.Heres a quick link to it for ya( CM scenario talk )

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Thanks for the help! Yes, R.O.A.R. is a great project, and as far as something that the community needs (as another thread says) this would be a great thing for CMBB.

One thing I really enjoy is playing a scenario that neither I nor my opponent have ever played, thus we are both "blind" except for the briefing. If the scenario is unbalanced, though, that takes some of the fun out. So having a guide to choosing the scenarios beforehand would be helpful.

I didn't know about the CM Scenario Depot - I'll definitely check around on that site.

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