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Strategic Command 2 Blitzkrieg Pre-Orders Now Being Accepted!

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<p align="left">February 27th, 2006

<font color="#FFCC66">Strategic Command 2 Blitzkrieg 2 now available for Pre-Order!</font>

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Now available for Pre-Order at Battlefront.com, Strategic Command 2 Blitzkrieg, the new grand strategy masterpiece from award winning game designer Hubert Cater! Combining the ease of play, accessibility and addictive gameplay of the original Strategic Command, Strategic Command 2 Blitzkrieg adds tons of new features including many player submitted suggestions. Bigger, better and expandable, Strategic Command 2 Blitzkrieg is an evolutionary, as well as revolutionary, new Grand Strategy game.

Strategic Command 2 Blitzkrieg allows you to rewrite history with 6 full length, open ended campaigns beginning at key stages of World War II. Begin the war from the historical invasion of Poland in 1939, Denmark and Norway in 1940, Russia in 1941, Stalingrad in 1942, the invasion of Sicily by the Allies in 1943 or the epic beach landings of D-Day in 1944. Also included are 5 extra mini-campaigns depicting specific landmark battles such as Kursk, Operation Market-Garden and the Battle of the Bulge. Control the forces of 30 different nations utilizing 16 different unit types including all new ones like Paratroopers, Engineers, Partisans and Amphibious Transports.

Expandability is also the name of the game with Strategic Command 2 Blitzkrieg as it comes with a full game editor allowing you unprecedented power to create or modify maps, units, countries, diplomacy options, unit production schedules, research technologies and more. You can even use the powerful scripting system to create historical events that can be triggered based on events or game rcumstances. An entire game engine is now at your fingertips to control, change and create as you wish!

The original Strategic Command was known for its challenging and cunning A.I. and Strategic Command 2 Blitzkrieg cranks up the challenge factor even more with the inclusion of an all new diplomacy and counter diplomacy model, expanded capabilities for air, naval and HQ units, dynamic weather, updated tech. research and production levels and many other configurable special rules.

Strategic Command 2 Blitzkrieg features exceptional single player gaming against the AI as well as a variety of multiplayer options (Hotseat,

PBEM, TCP/IP). Strategic Command 2 Blitzkrieg requires Windows 98, ME, XP or 2000.

Matt "Madmatt" Faller of Battlefront.com had this to say about Strategic Command 2 Blitzkrieg: "Everything that made the original Strategic Command such an instant classic has been updated, improved, expanded, and just all around souped up! Thousands of changes and player suggestions were incorporated while at the same time all of the fun and addictive gameplay of the original has been retained and if anything made even more accessible. Strategic Command 2 Blitzkrieg is quite simply a bigger - better, masterpiece of a game!"

Pre-Orders are now being accepted with an expected ship date in 4-6

weeks (March-early April).

<p align="center">[ Pre-Order Strategic Command 2 Blitzkrieg Here ]

<p align="center">[ View the Strategic Command 2 Blitzkrieg Website here ]

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