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major air support bug

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Hi folks,

Well, I have just finished two quick battles on pre-made maps where we each picked our own troops. The first battle I was Russian and bought 2 X IL Sturmoviks GA planes (6x220lb bombs, or 4x110lb bombs, 4 rockets - max 6 straffing runs). I thought it very odd during my battle when my planes came in and did about 9 passes dropping various ordinace with only 1 straffing run. This played a large part in my victory. I put it off to some local bug until my next battle.

In this case my opponent took 3 BF 109G - 6/R1 FB's (1x550lb or 4x100lb bombs - 3 max straffing runs). Well, I had the FB's attack me with bombing runs about 8 times with only one occassion of straffing. In this case I still won but it was due more to mines layed then the amount of damage I sustained during the bombing.

These are two separte instances where I have the files for people to see if they are so inclined. In fact, people could play the battle out again and count (I could but I am a bit lazy right now). If there is enough of an up-roar I could count the exact number of times I was bombed in the last game as I still have all the files.

In short - what it seems to me is happening is that bombing runs are occuring where straffing runs should be. A HUGE advantage to the person who ops for Air Support.

Oh, and I am using the latest (final - gulp!) patch.


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How many bombs are you seeing being dropped with each pass and total? Do you have save files from each turn that the planes attack that you can send me?

Planes use strafing runs at their own discretion and they may choose not to strafe at all, but if they are indeed dropping more ordnance than they carry then I need to see some save games that show it.


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