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Weapons and Warfare Expansion v1.02 Patch Released!!!

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We can think of no better way to ring in the holidays than with a brand new patch all wrapped and ready under your tree! With that in mind, we present to you the new Strategic Command 2 Weapons and Warfare v1.02 Patch!

Hubert and his band of happy tester elves spent this holiday season working on various issues and game improvements including tweaks to the raod network system and and think you will like what they have to offer.

Strategic Command 2 Weapons and Warfare v1.02 Patch

This is a PATCH for the expansion pack and will only work for the Battlefront.com English language version of Strategic Command 2 Weapons and Warfare Expansion. This patch will not work with any non-English version of Strategic Command 2 Weapons and Warfare at this time.

Separate patches for the other language versions will be released in the future.



- Fixed an Amphibious Warfare research upgrade error

- Fixed an Amphibious Transport properties display error when Amphibious Warfare Research Levels are > 0

- Fixed an AI unit upgrade error

- Amphibious Transports that end their move adjacent to an enemy Battleship, Cruiser, Destroyer or Carrier will now be automatically attacked regardless if it was hidden or not under Fog of War. Note, unloading after the automatic defensive naval fire, will still be possible if the Transport is stopped adjacent a valid debarkation tile

- FREE UNIT script now called when a SURRENDER_2 event is triggered

- Fixed a combat error that caused a CTD when a hidden rocket attacked a defending unit on a resource

- Roads now eliminate supply range penalties over rough terrain such as mountains, marshes etc.

- Fixed an AI upgrade error

- Fixed a SUPPLY SCRIPT error that targeted resources such as Fortresses that were set to 'Destroy On Overrun'

- Subs that dive and move will now move in a more random directional pattern


- Fixed an Amphibious Warfare research upgrade error

- Added #NAVAL_DEFENSE= entry to localization.txt

- Build Limits can now be set to (None) and this will subsequently delist them from purchase in the Purchase Unit dialog, i.e. useful for modding when you want to eliminate certain unit types from in game purchase

- Updated several FLEET events for the UK to take better advantage of the modified Amphibious Transport rules

- Updated several bitmapped flags

- Added some Axis AI UNIT script and GARRISON enhancements for the post D-Day period

- Fixed a railway disconnect between Narvik and the adjacent mine

- Made an adjustment to an ACTIVATION#2 event checking for UK aggression in Norway, it now checks to see if Norway has surrendered to the Allies and not the case where the UK is attempting to liberate Norway

- Updated the North African campaign flags for Malta as well as for the Commonwealth

Version History:

v1.01 Version History:


- fixed an AI destroyer unit combat error

- fixed an AI upgrade unit error

- fixed an animation replay error

- fixed a MINOR country Corps purchase error

- paratroops that are preparing and engineers that are fortifying are no longer hidden under FoW

- subs caught in sea ice no longer raid convoy lanes until sea ice clears

- subs now use the following rules:

- Silent

- Sub can pass through hidden enemy units except for a Destroyer under FoW

- Sub cannot attack convoy lanes

- Hunt

- Sub cannot pass through hidden enemy units under FoW

- Sub can attack convoy lanes

- Note, a Sub will dive (if a dive is successful) when attacked and move away under either Silent or Hunt mode

- transfer of capitals now reduces that country's morale the same as it would if an ally were to surrender

- transfer of capitals now increase occupier's morale the same as it would if it forced the surrender of a country

- any country that has a capital transferred to a disconnected area loses its current production/queue items

(complete wipe out) unless the transfer location is connected to the current location of the capital (pre-transfer) or

to any of the Industrial Center locations for that country

- fixed a script handling error for #CONDITION_POSITIONs

- fixed a Paratroop glider sound error when playing under Military unit icons mode

- fixed a Paratroop drop and new unit selection error when Fortifications are destroyed or a Paratroop unit takes

landing casualties

- surprise encounters will now only apply the 'Hidden Attacker Readiness Bonus' to decrease attacker losses and not to also

increase defender losses as was previously the case

- fixed an 'add_unit' bug when minors are activated

- fixed a resource mpp calculation error that did not include Fortresses if a value was assigned to them

- fixed a bug where custom combat supply loss values via the Editor were not being read in game


- fixed the military unit bitmaps to show some differentiation between tactical bombers and strategic bombers

- replaced Manstein with Bittrich in the Wacht Am Rhein scenario

- removed all incorrect references to O'Conner in the 1939 and 1940 campaigns and replaced them with O'Connor

- fixed a SURRENDER_2 script error for the surrender of Italy

- added several new Axis Middle East OFFENSIVE events

- added several new Axis Middle East TRANSPORT events

- added several new Axis Middle East GARRISON events

- added several new ACTIVATION#3 events

- added #PRODUCTION_LOST= entry to localization.txt

- fixed a Polish campaign victory condition error

- fixed several Spanish Civil War campaign errors

- updated Manual with several new entries regarding changes in Weapons and Warfare

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