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New Scenario Crashes SC1

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I've been trying to create a scenario in which France remains neutral and Britian (and eventually the US) fight Germany alone.

I created a campaign (with the editor) that colored all of France red (hexes belonging to USSR), garrisoned the French border with strong armies, and tried to play the game with the USSR neutral (set in the opening screens).

When I play the game as Axis (Allied AI), everthing seems to work normally,


When I play as Allied (Axis AI), the game crashes almost immediately.

Obviously, this is a weird scenario, but it probably shouldn't crash the game...

...and any hints you could give about how to make France neutral would be appreciated, too!

Mike (a.k.a. Santabear)

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This is what I got when I recreated what you did:

GAME_APPLICATION root's creation Segmentation violation:

<0000000001510068> Operating system signal. Exit


GAME_APPLICATION root's creation

<0000000001510068> Routine failure. Exit

I suspect that Paris as capital of activated France and controlled by neutral USSR may be the problem. And you can't fix that in the editor. These things are pretty well controlled through the SC2 editor, and quite editable, and I assume a lot of that is hardwired into SC1.

And wow, going back into the SC1 editor was nostalgic. Wait till you get to use the SC2 editor!

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