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First of Several Questions:


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I have daydreamed about a new strategic WW2 game, and I am glad one popped up on Battlefront! I have a bunch of questions, which I'll split up in different threads. Hopefully, the game system will allow some of the things I hope to see without the need for special rules (like CMBO doesn't need any special rules to model an AT gun vs. a Sherman). Since I've never developed a game, I don't know if my dream list of features would make the game better or worse. Anyway,


1) Multi-player games allow for several players? Could the game continue if a player drops out (e.g. a different player or the AI takes over)? [i saw the answer is "no", this question is moot - maybe SC2?]

2) Different players have different victory conditions (i.e. Italy vs. Germany, or U.S. vs. Britain vs. Soviets)? Or, will the natural effects of different people wanting to run the war different ways require enough diplomacy? [a moot question]

3) Could one player allow another player to have certain of his units (e.g. attaching an Italian army to the German forces in Russia)? [answered in a different thread]

4) Coups ever happen, either in minor countries or major countries (e.g. Italy is doing poorly and the game decides to kick the Italians out)?

5) Germany be able to try different attitudes towards conquered lands (e.g. treating the Russian & Ukranians more kindly, resulting in more production, more Hiwis, and fewer partisans) as a historical variant?

6) Scenarios be allowed to be setup with odd, ahistorical alliances (an earlier thread alludes to a "yes" answer)?

7) Scenarios be allowed to adjust macroeconomic or political factors?

8) The U.S. production and forces be affected by randomized Pacific War factors?

9) Commonwealth forces be affected by randomized or fixed Pacific War

factors (e.g. Australian forces withdrawn to fight the Japanese)?

10) Weather be different from area to area?

11) How will the Soviet Union be handled... will they be in it from the start and spend quite a while in the beginning waiting for Germany to attack, or "wake up" in Dec '39 owning part of Poland and ready to invade Finland, or "wake up" when Germany attacks, or under what conditions could they attack Germany? [if there's only one Allied player, I suppose this question is moot]

Thanks for your patience,

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