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The 2nd Surrender of France


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In my current multiplayer game, I pulled all my forces off the stagnant Russian front to combat the Allies who were about to attack my poorly defended defenses at the Rhine. It was the Battle of the Bulge, essentially, but in 1943. smile.gif

Anyway, I happened to make a break in the Southern part of France and reached their capital. France surrendered...again. Humiliating, yes...but at this point it was unrealistic.

The Americans had units attacking the Rhine, with a couple French units behind them including an HQ. When I grabbed Paris and France surrendered, these units disappeared and I took over the country again. While the game is a moot point at this stage, I still think it's a bit silly for France to be able to surrender again and lose their remaining units. They've been Free French this whole time, the Allies are banging on Germany's door...and they surrender! They would have actually had to march THROUGH the American lines to get to my units.

"Well then, Yanks...that's it for us then. Good luck in the war!"

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First, let me apologize to the Europeans, particularly the French for what I am about to say.

What is the 1st Rule of French Warfare? French armies are only victorious when not led by a Frenchman (remember Joan of Arc?).

What is the 2nd Rule of French Warefare? France only wins when others do most of the fighting.

And finally, only during the World Wars were French women able to sleep with winners who did not call them Fraulein.

The orginator of the above, as well as the complete history of French warfare, can be found here:


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