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can we spend mpp to stop ally coup in a particular country?


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And is there any why I can keep my opponent honest, buy having a way to see what he might have in a particalar area?

I am sure there were some places in Russia that thay did not destroy with the on comming germans.

What is the deal with vichy? does it do antything for anybody?

What happend to the SS ?

what was the german army without SS!

(you need some black units, to make everybody happy)

Just wondering will you make a pacific theater game?

I really dont see a victory for the germans with a level headed russian player!

Could you make it so when you send troops out on the big map and thay engage it goes to combat mission and we do every battle? smile.gif

would be cool if we could spend mpp on diplamatic situations, spain goes pro german and the like.

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