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Subs, Forts, Experience

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I've played a couple quick ones as Germany just to get a feel. Since I'm long winded I'll do this as a separate thread.

Subs- I have to agree w/ many others, German subs are historically way too weak. It really shows up when I'm out in the Atlantic, I intercept a transport, and then a battleship force steams all the way from the UK to find me surfaced in the exact same spot waiting to be sunk.

German subs should start with the advantage, probably simplest fix would be to boost dive chance a lot. The counter for Allies would be to 1)escort transports with in-game naval units 2)research sonar to boost defenses of convoys and 3) most importantly, devote air fleets to sub hunting. Air fleets should have best chance of surprising cruising subs, giving an impetus for researching long range air. Sonar and air patrols would shift advantage back to allies. This would make the UK decide whether to use resources fighting subs or for other adventures.

Forts- this might just be my quirk, but if I'm fighting the whole war I'd like the option to build fixed defenses, al la atlantic wall, siegfried line etc. Of course they should be very expensive. If its an engine issue maybe they could be units w/ zero movement?

Also in one game I charged straight through Maginot. On default difficulty my units were trading even blows or better w/ the most advanced fortifications of the era, it seemed way too easy.

Experience- I second suggestion that gradual reinforcement should have less exp. penalty than maxing out in one turn. Is the experience bonus to combat figured fractionally, or only for each complete medal?

Players- Any chance of letting AI control some countries at war? It would be interesting to try and fight while allied w/ an unpredictable Italy or USSR run by the AI.

Overall its a solid combo of Axis and Allies w/ Panzer General, plus more depth. Most importantly the pieces fit together in a way that makes it fun. smile.gif

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