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complete and utter newbie looking for PBEM


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Hi all,

I ended picking up SC b/c I've been on a bunch of evil business trips lately and my laptop can't handle CMBB/CMBO... and I'm quite enjoying SC.

I've only played 4 or 5 full versions of the 'full-meal deal' starting with axis attack on Poland. And I'm interested in hooking up a PBEM or two.

Anyone who is interested, drop me a line. I can usually manage 1 turn per day.


Reade (aka Ryddle)

btw, I have no clue what is considered 'gamey' in SC. If you are in for a PBEM, please let me know what is/isn't in scope for game play. I'm very new, but know that people can get quite riled when they believe that one isn't representing 'historical' accuracy (according to their views).

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Originally posted by kenfedoroff:


You might have better luck finding opponents in the Opponent Finder Forum.

Pick a side and send me a move (E-mail in profile).

I like the 1939 campaign and options used for SC Ladder, even if I play for fun.


Great, I got your email Ken and I'll send you a move tonight. Thanks for the tip about the opponent finder, I never noticed it before.



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