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Need Help for Sealion vs. AI

John MacVane

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I just got the game about a month ago. I'm still

playing the AI. I am trying to have an early, successful Sealion without triggering the Russians. I have read some hours worth of previous posts and have not come across strategies. Anyone willing to share a strategy vs. the AI? Thanks.


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Against the AI France will fall in January 1940 latest in March. Then you have time to take Norway and Sweden.

Meanwhile gain Air superiority in Southern England and go for the Suez channel and Alexandria.

Built about 10 Airfleets and destroy the entrenchment of the London defender in the same turn you place two Army/tank transports on the southern Hexes near London port and a transport north of the port. Protect the transport to the north with your 3 naval units and block the channel at Brest with 2 corps.

Next turn bomb London, destroy the defender and take the port. Now that you got the port, ship a HQ and additional ground units from Belgium to London.

The rest is easy.

If you make your seelion prior to December 1940 the Russians will keep quit and you only have to watch the Americans.

What increases the allied readiness are units in or directly neigboring London or Manchester.


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