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Rambo banned!!!! Official protest thread


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It's really not relevant if you decide to accept or not to accept JJR's banning. He broke the forum rules, he was warned in the past, and he was banned. Simple as that.

His past contributions to the forum, while impressive don't excuse his behavior.

We have been telling you guys for months now, you break the rules, you face the consequences.

Don't like it? Go somewhere else. It's really that simple. Posting here, on our forums, is not a RIGHT, its a priviledge and one in which we can pull, anytime we deem appropriate.

As to a temporary versus a permanent ban? Thats always an option but it would require some sincere reassurances from JJR that he understands why it was he was banned and that his recent behavior is not going to be tolerated and that he needs to follow the rules here and even then, such a move is at our discretion.

Okay, thats enough on this topic, I am closing this down now.


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