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Questions about Production


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I have some questions about production.


1) Human resources be counted for each country (e.g. will Germany possibly reach a point where the army can be increased only by taking workers out of factories)? It was a factor for every country except for France and Italy.

2) "Guest" workers be modeled, or abstracted into the production points "won" from captured lands?

3) Germany be able to decide when to adopt a total war economy (i.e. close the piano factories and send domestic servants into munitions factories), and will there be a price to pay for that?

4) Productivity be a separate measure, or factored into a country's overall economic output?

5) The Soviet Union be allowed to move its production to the Urals?

6) Will countries be allowed to spend more time and money to produce a better-trained infantryman or pilot (e.g. Germany's soldiers got worse as

time went on)?


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