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Diplomatic Options


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There has been some discussion of this already--if you're new like me click 'search' at the top of the page and type in "diplomacy" or "diplomatic options" -- you'll have a whole evening's worth of reading...

...but one thing that I haven't seen any discussion about is the option to break up the Axis/Allies as they actually were. Britain can't declare war on the US, for example (you get a "The US is on your side" message even if the US is still neutral). And France and Britain start out allied and at war with Germany.

It would be fun to be able to create some new alliances, and it seems that all it would take would be to 1)be able to set the start date to 1938--anyway before the German attack on Poland; and 2) declare war on any country.

Probably some extra code would have to be added about neutrals, etc--but perhaps many of the pre-sets (Romania, Hungary, etc.) could simply be "turned off" (they would NEVER fight unless attacked) if there were a declaration of war that violated the Axis/Allies groupings. If the diplomatic scene got very crazy they would try to stay on the sidelines in any case. The USSR would likely stay neutral, too. The US is the only country whose actions would be tough to predict--and therefore difficult to program.

I would like to be able to try at least two scenarios:

1. Britain joins Germany to "fight communism." There was a lot of British support for this idea throughout the 1930's (and earlier). (USSR fights, US doesn't)

2. The "nightmare scenario" of British diplomacy: France allies with Germany against Britain. (USSR is neutral, US supports Britain)

If this HAS been discussed before, could someone just post a link to the discussion? Thanks.


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You'll probably find that in posts on the campaign/scenario editor.

In recent months I originated a forum with that specific option, among others and, as usual, it was literally a Johnny-come-lately as others had suggested it ahead of me.

A crude way of attaining the effect is to use the editor and activate the "Surrenders to . . .." option. It doesn't achieve the same effect, but can lead to similar situations.

Hopefully a full campaign generator is in the works. As has been pointed out by Hubert in some long forgotten Thread, what we have is a campaign editor, not a true campaign generator. Some of us have also opted for a map creator and things along those lines as well.

Thread concernint Diplomatic Activities with Economic Tie-ins.

Map Editor Thread that became a heated series of Entries.

Another Campaign Editor Suggestion, this one oriented toward Units.

There are several other Topics out there along similar lines but I don't know what page they're on at the moment.

A good idea and it really would make for some interesting scenarios.

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