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Future Historic Games Designed on This Level


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You mentioned a few days ago, that you would consider designing a strategic game on the American Civil War. I believe this could easily be done. Not only the American Civil War, but also the Napoleonic Wars.

As far as the learning curve on these subject areas is concerned, this could be accomplished by reviewing two board games published by GMT; "For the People" (ACW), and "The Napoleanic Wars." The great thing about these games is their reliance on random events (card generated, a large percentage of which you would not use in your design).

Of course, this just a suggestion, and my opinion.

SC is a great game. Although I'm not a programer, I feel that the SC game engine, with some modifications, could be neatly adapted for those two eras.

Thanks again for designing SC. My friends and I thorooughly enjoy it.

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