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Better use of Sea Units


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Great game, I've been playing the demo non stop for a couple of weeks and had great fun. I did think however that the naval side of things could be tweaked by the physical setting up of convoy routes in order to get MMP from an overseas resource/port to the home country. Any MMP would only be able to travel along the convoy route in one turn as far as a merchant ship could travel in one turn. This would leave your 10MMP a turn convoy route open to attack by submarines who are within range of the convoy route. Submarines then wouldn't need to make a specific attack, but just be within range to have a chance at knocking out 1MMP for each submarine (assuming 10-15 in a full strength sub unit). A convoy route could therefore lose an entire MMP load for a turn with a successful sub attack. The convoy owner could then have hunter-killer escort units to patrol the convoy routes to hunt down the submarines and provide protection to convoys. Capital ships could then be kept for what they were intended for. redface.gif

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