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Italy surrender!


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I played a game agianst human, and I captured Rome!(italy was doing good)

Thay did not surrender!

so I started messing around with hot seat (playing as axis and allies)

I found that If Rome is takin (I just gave the allies it)right off the bat with no loss of units thay surrender anyway? (on every scenario)

How can this be? Is it becouse Italy has not had a chance to build units, and there for is weak?

(early in the war)?

Are thay special?

I just don't get it! why do thay surrender like france? no units have to be lost at first???

I am guessing that it has something to do with there mmp's? if thay are doing good thay will not surrender right off the bat? if thay suck (or close to start of game)and have only starting mmp's thay will surrender.

Is this true?

and if not why do thay surrender with out losing any combat factors :confused:

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Ok on further study I found that if you capture Rome and no unfriendly units next to you, Italy will surrender! if You have Unfriendly units next to rome thay will surrender In three turns :D (if you still hold city)

By Jove I think I've got it!

Italy Better watch out!

Does this same surrender method work for Poland? :eek:

I must check it out!!

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