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Just played my first game...

Flash Gordon

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...of Clash of Steel.

The similarities between COS and SC were very evident - looking at SC again, you can see its ancestry quite easily. Research in COS seemed to be slower although I did end up with jets as the Axis in 1942...which is when I started losing the war with my Atlantic fleet in flames and my Italian navy sleeping with the fishes with most of N. Africa in the hands of the Allies and the Allies entrenched and holding out at Brest and my offensive in Russia getting off to a really shakey start (no real advances).

The fact that the navy is handled differently threw me off - I kept forgetting to check the naval map for the positions of the Allied navies, allowing them to land troops here and there with impunity because I just didn't see them in time. The Allied AI was surprisingly aggressive, attempting an amphibious assault on Hamburg in 1940 (which was repulsed). I liked how you could choose to make your naval units either act as units attempting to fight a set piece battle, or as merchant raiders, attacking shipping. I thought the shipment of war materiel from Sweden to Germany via convoys was a nice touch as well. I didn't like how strategic bombings were abstracted but I really liked how the application of diplomatic pressure was abstracted in the game. There was even a pro-Allied coup in Yugoslavia while the Germans and Italians were massing at their borders! Whoa, deja vu!

A pretty fun game - too bad a play by e-mail option isn't possible.

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