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Dutch Gambit?


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I thought for sure by now someone else would have answered this.

Dutch Gambit is when the Allies declare war on the Low Countries, to deprive the Axis of the plunder.

Actually capturing the Low Countries as the Allies is the next logical step, because now the Allies will receive the plunder as well as having a better defensive line against Germany. You can think of this one as Dutch Gambit II.

To counter both possiblities (DG I and DG II), most Axis players will move (by operating) units away from Poland and unto the Low Countries border, so on Turn 2 the Axis can declare war and capture the Low Countries (if its done right).

The Allies can counter this by DOW on Turn 1. That seems to really upset some Axis players. But there are drawbacks to this in terms of defending France.

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