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Is it wise to strive for more expierienced troops


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Does it make a big diff.?

I mean should a guy think about rotating his units,knowing that some day he will not be able to reanforce them to the max anymore.

I always attack any unit I can after the contry is about to fall, Is it worth it in the long run just to get the expierience?(is it cost efective)?

I understand sometimes you have to get them to full power.

would I rather have a three medal unit attacking or a full power unit with no exp?

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A three medal 7 power.

I thought this game was getting old then spain joined me the axis. that is cool did not know that thay were able to do that!

as german I am able to take most of britt, and get over 400 mpp, I guess I will start messing around with troop quallity.russia is not a prob.

the way I see it I am fighting amarica and britian on there island (is better there than eropa)russia trying to break through, If I had longer I could sea invade riga and that would be the end of russia.(just half to hold them off, till I take britian even if thay do break through that would be to my advantage, move to fast foward.then army in britt is free move to riga cut them off.

I dont see any kind of exploiting in this game?

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I am going to mess around with troop quality, hope I am not disapointed ;)

I like being able to operate units, hope to get a few free, in the full game.

We will see if this game offers more than just a demo.

If there is a chance, it might be ok as a multiplayer game, I would buy two dozen copies :eek:

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