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Free French and Naval questions/suggestions

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I find the "Free French" option can be quiet unbalancing - "giving" the Brits several "ready for action" units seesm way over teh top - especially if one of them is the airforce.

It occurs to me that the FF might be best represented by a slow release of a reserve of "FF" MPP's, so eventually there can be a couple of FF Corps, maybe an air unit, perhaps some of the fleet can be reconstructed, etc.

Naval - seems to be a bit of a side show, using eth same combat mechanisms for land just don't work for me I'm afraid!! It either needs to be abstracted, or more detailed. About the only thing that I think works is the attrition of UK MPP's by subs - that seems pretty good.

Also the use of "transport" to send an invasion fleet doesn't sem too bad, but what's with Battle-ship groups acting as Submarine hunter-killer groups??

I guess that's supposed to be an abstraction too, but yuck - it's a damned ugly way of doing it!! :(

I'd prefer teh naval war, especially the battle of teh atlantic to be abstracted into a "sub points" vs "Escort points" & maybe "Air patrol points" or something similar (ref Hitler's War by Avalon Hill??) battle and then we can get on with the rest of the war instead of having to worry about detailed tactics for naval battle groups.

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