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Questions on Neutral Countries


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My questions about neutral countries follow:


1) Swedish ore imports be an important part of Germany's production?

2) Allied diplomatic pressure be able to reduce Sweden's ore exports as Germany's fortunes wane?

3) Portugal's valuable wolfram (tungsten ore) deposits be desirable to either side?

4) Portugal be willing to allow either side use of the Azores?

5) Switzerland be allowed to get invaded?

6) Switzerland's control over and ability to destroy the Alps tunnels help keep them neutral?

7) Finland, or anyone else, possibly enter the war, quit, come back, or switch sides?

8) Will Spain be extremely reluctant to enter the war, as Franco seemed to be historically?

9) Will the Soviet Union have victory conditions in Finland, to encourage an invasion, but be able to keep them out of the war if they decide they would have an easier time of it with Finland neutral?


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