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Naval & Air Production Technology Research


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Engine: Current

Summary: Naval Production Research and Air Production Research reduces the build times of their respective units.

Design Summary:

During WWII the US, Germany and USSR were able to substantially reduce the build times of Naval and Air Units through the application of Mass Production techniques. Submarines that took 13 months to build were being constructed in just 3 months by the end of the war.

Players that choose to invest in this tech areas will be able to replace losses faster.

Naval Ship Production (Cost 100MPP, Max 3 levels): Each Tech level in Naval Production Tech reduces the production time of Naval units by 1 Month.

Air Fleet Production (Cost 100MPP, Max 2 Levels): Each Tech level in Air Production Tech reduces the production time of Air Units by 1 Month.

Sample Tech Description:

Naval Production Tech

During WWII German, British and American industry gretly reduced the production time of naval ships through the application of mass production techniques.

Each new level of Naval Production reduces the production time of Battleships, Carriers, Cruisers, Destroyers and Submarines by 1 month.

Cons: Do we really want players able to recreate the historical reduction in the production time of naval and air units.

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