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Possible to turn the tide?


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I'm in the 105th turn of a PBEM game. I'm playing as Axis, and I'm on the end of my rope. I've stagnated in Russia. I'm about 1 tile away from grabbing Moscow, but the Russians have level 5 AT tech and probably good IT tech.

The Allies have hit the Rhine, where I have a long defense waiting. The only problem is they are mostly corp divisions, with little experience. All my grizzled troops are in Russia simply trying to hold their ground. Italy is getting invaded from the North and South.

However, my ace in the hole recently has been my 4 L4 jets in Russia with full experience (And L2 range tech). I destroyed 2 Russian HQ's, which effectively kept them from doing anything against me. Each turn I destroyed a L5 Army division with little loss on my part, through the air.

What I'm thinking is, in my situation the only hope that I have is destroying any enemy HQ that gets in my sights. I just redeployed my jets to the Western front, since I have access to bombing his HQ units there (Although they have a couple L3 aircraft there as well).

So what is the consenses? Is it totally impossible for the Axis player to turn things around by now? Has anyone used Axis airpower to simply target enemy HQ's and effectively ruin their capability for staging offenses?

The only problem I see is that I need at least 3 more air units to make this feasible, and had them a bit sooner. As it is now, the Allies are slowly outpacing me in troop quantity and tech research. But...once a player runs out of HQ's, they are done. But is this even a feasable idea? Or is it that in SC, if the Axis don't have the upper hand by turn 100, it's essentially over for them?

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