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I don't know if anyone said this already but here is my thoughts:

1. micromanagement ability for tank control, ie ability to put them in hull down positions correctly, IS a Major requirement. Why: because we have to make up for the limitations of the AI to REALISTICLY handle situations. a tank commander would put is tank in a hull down position irl, not stop on top of the hill or behind it.

So from my point of view, anything that helps to simulate realism, should be added.

2. the other part of this, being able to get los from anywhere on the map, should not be available, because it is NOT REALISTIC. You don't know for sure what you will be able to see in any location until you actually get there. you can estimate and kind of guess, but that is simulated by going to view 1 and checking.

hope that makes sense, it made sense in my head.

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